Memory of Water 

My Mother Says that Water has Memory

Water molecules join together into groups these are called clusters. These clusters work as memory cells. And there are 400 thousand information panels within each memory cell.

The water structure is like a nervous system reacts to any irritation. When you turn on the light the water is changing, when you turn on the electric field the water is changing. Water records the history of its relationship with the world.

A school of sciencefiction says that the structure of water is more important than its chemical composition. The structure of water means how it’s molecules are organised.
Water structures itself naturally. In nature, rivers and streams always move along a smoothly curving course but any water supply system has multiple right angle turns. The natural structure of water breaks down more and more with each such turn. 

Vectoring is a process of structuring water. More about Vectoring in the link below. Fascinating to see the difference between the water crystals of tap water compared to structured water.

Structure and memory of Water

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