Science of Salt therapy 

The Science of Vibrations & Salt Water Therapy For Negative Energy

We are fully dependent on our vibrations – we each emit a different vibration, and our energy is influencing us as well as the others around us.

It is simply how we function. And the fact that we, as a society, nowadays, are unhappy, reflects the way that we pick up low vibrations and continue to emit them. 

My Mother Says because we cannot isolate ourselves from the people around us, we must learn how to be a source of positive vibrations. When we interact with others, we can feel their energy and they can feel ours. You can help yourself reduce the negative effects of negative vibrations – you can rid yourself of the clouds in your mind, your fatigue, your worries and illness and all the other harmful effects that continue to bring misery to your life by salt water therapy. 

The salt water therapy is a simple yet powerful remedy to overcome unseen negative energy and drain it out of your system. It is easily available and you can use salt water to remove negative energies affecting you and causing distress in your life.

Salt water therapy

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