Watch the wifi 

A scientific experiment demonstrates that plants do not grow near wifi routers. My Mother Says this is further evidence on the danger of wifi in our homes. If plants won’t grow near wifi routers what do you think wifi routers do to the cells of the human body? Around a decade ago the German government in fact advised the public to avoid using wifi because of the health risks it poses. Internet via a cord avoids rhe risk of strong waves from wifi which emit electromagnetic radiation even when devices aren’t in use. It may be impractical to not have wifi at home but look into switching off the wifi at home in the evenings. A general rule of thumb is to unplug devices at home. Earthing is a powerful technique. This involves walking on the ground e.g. on grass barefoot. At least avoid rubber sole shoes as these serve as a blockage to the earthing process.


Plants don’t grow near wifi router

See also for more information about the impact of wifi on the brain:  The Neurosurgeon says

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