What our tongues tell us 

How our tongues look is an indication of how well our bodies are digesting good and drinks. 

If you see a thick coating on your tongue, it’s a call for action! 

Looking at the tongue coating: 

  • A light, thin, white tongue coat reflects healthy digestive function.
  • A thick tongue coat reflects an excess of dampness, or pathogenic fluid. The tongue coat may be thick and yellow or thick and white. Most commonly, a thick tongue coat is associated with poor gut function.
  • No tongue coat at all could mean some form of exhaustion in the body. For example, a red and shiny wet tongue could signal that the body does not have enough fluids to produce a coat. A natural balance of fluids in the body is essential for healthy gut function and overall vitality.

Equally important is the tongue colour as it reflects the distribution of body fluids throughout the body. A pale tongue tells us that there may not be enough blood in the body. Often the root cause of a pale tongue can be found in diet.A tongue that is purple or has a bluish tinge could be a warning that fluids and blood are not fully circulating.

And the tongue tip is a signal of how we are emotionally. A red tongue tip shows up when the tongue tip is redder than the rest of the tongue body. This can reflect some kind of psychological stress. 

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