20 changes after 30

Our bodies change after 30 (unfortunately!) and my Mother Says that we ought to be willing to make certain lifestyle changes in order to live happy, healthy and long lives.

This is a wonderful way to encapsulate 20 lifestyle changes after 30

  1. Stop worrying
  2. Sleep and wake up on time
  3. Pranayama
  4. Avoid getting angry
  5. Eat less spicy food
  6. Have a bit more of milk and ghee
  7. Include bitter substances in your diet
  8. Avoid sitting for long periods of time
  9. Take Amla
  10. Apply coconut oil to hair frequently
  11. Weekly oil massage
  12. Avoid mustard oil for cooking
  13. Reduce fasting frequency
  14. Avoid bathing in too hot water
  15. Drink a cup of water after every hour of work
  16. Pitta diet
  17. Eat rains and almonds
  18. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol
  19. Avoid direct sunlight
  20. Don’t take yourself too seriously

My favorite poem

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