Soak your nuts

My Mother Says that it is important to soak your nuts. Why? Because soaking helps to get rid of phytic acid . By soaking you make digestion of nuts easier meanwhile improving absorption of vitamins and other nutrients in the nuts. Adding a little salt while soaking will help neutralize the enzymes.

Number of hours nuts must be soaked:

  1.  Walnuts: 8 hrs
  2.  Almonds: 12 hrs
  3.  Pecans: 8 hrs
  4.  Pumpkin seeds: 7 hrs
  5.  Macadamia: 4 hrs
  6.  Garbanzo beans: 12-48 hrs
  7.  Pine nuts: 8 hrs
  8.  Hazelnuts: 8 hrs
  9.  Cashewnuts: 6 hrs
  10.  Flax seeds: 6 hrs
  11.  Alfalfa seeds: 12 hrs
  12.  Broccoli seeds: 8 hrs.

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