Cut computer radiation

My Mother Says all computers emit radiation or Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs). These EMFs can be extremely harmful to your health. Some practical tips:

  • Ground your computer equipment
  • Use battery instead of mains power
  • Use an external keyboard
  • Don’t use laptops on your lap
  • Use a laptop radiation shield
  • Introduce house plants
  • Use a crystal salt lamp

The first issue is Electric Fields associated with laptop radiation. If your computer equipment is ungrounded, which is often the case with laptops, placing your hands on the keyboard can engender high electric field exposures. The good news is that electric fields can be dealt with fairly easily by grounding your computer equipment. If you are using a computer which is not grounded then the best way to cut down on your exposure to electric fields from your laptop is to use it on the battery instead of the mains power supply. 

The second issue is Magnetic fields. All computers as soon as they’re switched on also generate magnetic radiation or magnetic fields. These exposures can be significant particularly if you’re using a laptop or computer tablet in close proximity to your body. The most common sources of this magnetic field are the motor of the hard drive inside your computer and also from the in-line transformer unit.

If you have a laptop, consider using an external keyboard and make sure the transformer unit (often a little rectangular box in the cable) is situated at least a few feet from your body. If you have a desktop keep the CPU at least 3 feet away from your body.

The best way to minimize laptop radiation is not to use laptops on your lapStudies show that over time using your laptop on your lap can significantly decrease your sperm count.

Use your laptop on a desk or other surface away from your body. There are some good laptop radiation shields on the market but some laptop shields only shield RF radiation (which is not a problem anyway if you disable the WiFi) and some offer no protection from magnetic fields. The Elite Harapad laptop shield supposedly gives 100% protection from magnetic fields.

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